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Bosch in India

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A Journey Between the Two Poles

What's so exhilarating about the journey?

The journey will cover four of the world’s most dangerous roads- the North Yungas Road, the Road of Death, the Atacama Desert Pan American Highway, and the Dempster Highway.

The expedition is composed of varying terrain to test our riders and their machines to the hilt. With capricious there weather to match the challenge thrown by the road, it's far from your leisurely Sunday ride.

How is Bosch connected to this journey?

With such challenging road and weather conditions, all aspects of safety must be taken into account, especially the motorbikes of choice.
The bikes chosen for this daunting ride, The Dominar is driven by an Engine Management System (EMS) and its Anti-Lock Braking gives the rider to take on the road, both handcrafted by Bosch.