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Bosch in India


All-India Cycling Expedition

His first foray into riding on a large scale, where he covered a total of 12000 km were in 4 months, spread across 17 Indian states and Nepal.


Riding towards Glory

Went on an epic journey that covered a total of 10280 km in 17 days on a 1979 Yezdi, spanning 17 States and Nepal.


Reach for the Skies

Covered a total of 11180 km from Kanyakumari to Khardung La- in 18 days across 17 states and Nepal, finding space in the Limca Book of Records 1992 as the fastest across the Country.


The Yezdi-Castrol Continental Raid

Completed a journey that created history: claiming 42038 km on his bike in 47 riding days along with his partner, becoming the first Indians to circumnavigate the globe in record time.


Two Years of Epic Adventures

Riding on his Benelli 600 GT, covered a journey of 45000 km, spanning 3 countries- India, Bhutan and Nepal.